Doctors get emotional on great results with IVERMECTIN

In vivo and in vitro testing in SARS Cov 2 patients showed very interesting result both curative and preventive in 30 US studies in thousands of patients

Checking on results on Covid 19 treatments you find that a US MD group has tested an existing drug and found its working very well against Covid 19 nearly for all patients.

The substance name is ivermectin and its even taken for long in Afrika already for deworming and against some sort of malaria.

So if you have symptoms of Covid 19 you may want to take ivermectin 3mg capsules for 2 weeks.

You will find it giving relief to the symptoms very soon like in the first day as many patients report.

IVERMECTIN is a well known substance for years already and it potential side effects ( nausea, vomiting etc) are also well known, since the substance is FDA approved.

Its also available with 6 mg

One can take this if symptoms are very heavy, but usually 3 mg is enough.

Please share with friends - patients should discuss with their doctors and pharmacists - it may help to save lives.

If someone wants to know more, go to Google or YouTube and check on

" results on ivermectin in covid19 treatment"

Note: IVERMECTIN is not yet officially approved for covid treatment but approving is ongoing by FDA in the US but taking very long.

But in in vivo tests of thousands of patients it has proven to work and to even heal Covid 19 as the studies say.

Even very experienced doctors are enthusiastic and call it a miracle.

This could be a break through in Covid 19 treatment !

Regards Docwalt

This group of doctors are the best specialists in the world and have united to find this cure and found it.

I will publish the video and details right here for everyone to check for themselves. at

So everyone can look it up easily.