Ivermectin in Sars Cov 2 treatment

  • At the frontier of reasearch of treatment of Sars Cov 2 - the so called Corona Virus or Covid 19 there are in vitro and in vivo studies with a promising pharmaceutical - IVERMECTIN

    It has been tested for month and seems to prevent the infection with Covid 19 and even cure if taken when the patient has symptoms of Covid 19 disease.

    Icvermectin is know for long and FDA approved in other treatments, but not yet in approved in Sars Cov 2. The process is ongoing.

    You find clips on Ivermectin on youtube and more information on scientific sources and wikipedia.

    The dosis in about 30 studies on Covid 19 patients was 3mg kapsules daily over 2 weeks.

    Does anyone have personal experiences on this ?

    let me know

    best :)

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